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Retail Automotive Summary for Smart Phones, iPad 

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You've reached CNW Marketing Research's core site. You can also visit our other web locations: -- Our site showing some of our alternative activities such as the company's Ford V8-powered '76 MGB. -- The auto industry's research center. (Subscribers only, but you can see the contents of by clicking here.) -- Will soon become where you can get all the latest interviews and upcoming news on the Drago series.

Latest issues:

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Retail Automotive Summary 

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CNW's Automotive Purchase Path Study - Wave XII

CNW Research's latest wave of the automotive purchase process is the culmination of more than a decade of research examining the new vehicle Purchase Intender.  Wave XII is available now and includes full year 2010 data.

Click here for more information and pricing for access to PPOL Wave XII.

This market study profiles these prospects and their use of information sources as they move through the purchase cycle. While the latest "wave" continues to examine the buying process by segment and brand, it also focuses on the issue of brand considerations and importance as well as how media and non-media sources work together during the purchase cycle leading the consumer to the final brand acquisition.

Automotive industry is getting involved in Blockchain technology. Today, car manufacturers, dealers and also the car racers are showing interest in the cashing convenience the blockchain technology offers. Big car dealers have started accepting cryptocurrencies to widen their marketing scope. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are in the focus. Go through this Dogecoin mit geringsten gebühren kaufen to learn about how you can buy Dogecoin safely and at a lower price.

Areas that are profiled in the study include:

-- The size and income levels of the intender market.

-- Reasons why consumers enter and leave the new vehicle marketplace.

-- Consumer "wish lists" of products and services.

-- Sources of information and primary focus by brand (Audi, Ford, Honda etc.)

-- Tracking brand consideration on the consumer shopping list.

-- Conditions influencing brand selection.

-- Brand/model retention rates.

-- Brand/model loyalty rates.


CNW's Conference Center
CNW Research's Vista del Lago conference center has hosted executive sessions for automotive executives. While some major renovations continue, the Center is accepting Session dates for 2011. 
Sessions now include golf outings at one of the country's best golf courses, Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes. While these outdoor excursions offer an unparalleled experience, why not complement them with a touch of indoor entertainment? Consider incorporating casino games into your itinerary, adding a new dimension of excitement to your retreat. Explore the thrills of 빅토리카지노 도메인, seamlessly blending outdoor adventures with the allure of gaming for a truly unforgettable getaway. Click here to go to Bandon Dunes' web site.
This is the view at dawn from its deck overlooking Ten Mile Lake in Lakeside Oregon.

The Brain Trust

Have a general automotive or economic question that needs answering? Use "TBT" for a quick response based on our extensive data base.

Read more about it or to pose your question.

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