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Art Spinella  
CNW Research  
PO Box 744  
Bandon, OR 97411  

[email protected]  

CNW Research Order Form  -- The online data retrieval system provides over 1300 documents on lease, new and used-vehicle, general economic and other data on demand, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Subscribers can access the system via the web, are provided with a password and are able to download Excel files.  View the table of contents by clicking here.  

$995 per year for unlimited access.

To see a sample document, please request the document number by emailing us here 

Retail Automotive Summary --  CNW's Retail Automotive Summary is the industry's most accurate sales forecasting tool.  RAS tracks consumer confidence, dealership floor traffic (shoppers),  purchase deferments, new and used vehicle sales statistics, lease penetration and new car incentives. Virtually all of its subscribers are brokerage houses, news media and financial institutions. Reports are issued monthly on the 16th or the next available business day. 

RAS can be added to a CNWbyWEB subscription for an additional $95 per year.
Stand alone subscription $395 per year. 

To see a sample issue of RAS, send email here

Used Vehicle Sales by DMA Monthly Reports -- Track used vehicle sales in your area in virtually real-time. CNW can generate monthly used vehicle sales reports, deliverable by the 15th of each month for previous months' activity. Breakouts include: 

  • Sales by channel (franchised, independent, private party)
  • Transaction prices by channel
  • Sales by used vehicle age
  • Number of shoppers by channel
  • Share of sales by cars, trucks and SUVs
  • Sales from outside/within DMA
  • Percent of sales caused by newspapers, TV and Internet
  • Duplicity within newspapers, TV and Internet 
  • Number of price-related searches
  • Number pre-approved auto loan
  • Duration of search for vehicle in weeks
  • Number/share of sub-prime buyers
  • Household Income Data

To see one sample DMA (please state city and/or zip code), email us here

Pricing ranges from $3800 per month for all DMAs to $200 per month for up to 5 DMAs. Subscription terms are one year -- 5 DMAs $2400 per year

Purchase Path On Line Wave XII

The latest wave in CNW's Automotive Purchase Process

For more information click here subscribers can add Purchase Path Online for $495 (full year access) subscribers can receive the full-year PPOL for $995



Executive Sessions -- Personalized analysis of your business lasting from four to 10 days.
From $10,000. 


Click on the typewriter to place an order for any CNW product or service.



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