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Important Policy Note

   While CNW is always available to answer general questions from anyone interested in the auto industry, our clients and 10,000-plus subscribers come first. To assure an accurate answer to your automotive question, please e-mail your question to or click through to Direct Response page. Due to the volume of requests, we cannot answer questions by phone.

Company Background

   Founded in 1984, CNW Research began as Coastal NW Publishing Company. Through the years, clients and subscribers have spread from the Great Northwest to include every state of the union, Australia, Europe, Asia and Canada. Clients include major automobile manufacturers, banks and lending institutions, Universities, Wall Street brokerage firms and consultants. 


   CNW Research (by way of publishes sales and financing data, attitudinal studies with reference to how disposable income is spent and how consumers are affected by economic factors. Retail Automotive Summary is a monthly newsletter which expands on CNWbyWEB documents and follows trends and offers monthly automotive sales projections.  


   Purchase Path Online provides the latest yearly wave of CNW's ongoing Purchase Path Study following new vehicle intenders through the months prior to acquisition of a vehicle. 


   CNW vehicle sales data (new and used) comes from a non-meeting Round Table of insurance companies, state revenue departments and other sources. We also survey a large sample of dealerships (phone) and used-vehicle shoppers as part of our Purchase Path study. The insurance companies and revenue departments provide the current volumes while the surveys of dealerships and consumers provide trending data.  


   CNWbyWEB Monthly documents are updated by the 10th of each month, depending upon the day of the week month's end falls. Used vehicle sales are posted earliest followed by all other documents.

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